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New Workshop "UNLOCK Your TRUE POWER" Program
"Conscious Leaders, Lead Radical change – beating status quo".


In this world of change – eXponential change – we as leaders (new or experienced) need to be the genuine uniting and STABILISING factor, at least for a period until our employees, can find their own stabilisors.


For that to happen

1 we need to ACCEPT more, especially that we are not in control

2 we need to navigate through the future without clear goals, through COURAGE and TRUST, that life is a JOURNEY

3 we need to steer free of the worst storms, based on our inner gyro – INTUITION

4 we need to EXPLORE new territory, making mistakes our best learnings, using DIVERSITY in all, and accept it as an integral part of INNOVATION


As leaders, that means to WALK in quicksand in our daily, so we have to find our way and PURPOSE (our integral VISION of 5 P’s) and through that, to be the stabilisors

– We need to become our own BEST friend, not our own worst enemy

– We need to find that INNER CORE of peace, that invite others into peace, nomatter what

– And most of all we need to LOVE all parts of our self, all the good and all the bad

By that we can start to

See, Know and Be, who we truly are, to HELP OTHERS see themselves too, through our peaceful being and actions

New GREATNESS Leaders – LEAD the Shift

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Read Hawkins scale

Spiral dynamics

Full "digging in" workshop
The full WS, runs over 1, 2 or 3 months, fully 8 hours per month, 2 hours sessions per week, for full reflection and integration of SEE, KNOW, BE.

Every 2 hour/Session structure
1) Start and closure 2x 15 min.
2) Subjects 2 x 30 min.
3) Sharing / Dialog, Q&A 30 min.

Time and place based on 12-16 participants, outside normal working hours. Some session could be Skype sessions.

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