The Path to One

“love is”

”Love is” Actually I don’t know what to write about love, as it has so many forms, so much depth and such vastness like nothing else. It’s all we seek – as we got the light from God – and His love to remember and share. So why are we here – To love more […]

Infinite vs finite

Infinite vs finite Wow – sacred geometry key to all – maletriangles and femaletriangles connected in tetrahendons of 64 (8*8) creates 144 outside faces which is the vacuum (unexplainable energy space in quantum theory) and Kabbala decoded (9 trees) tree of life creation – which is the equilibirum between external and internal world (3steps inner, […]

SELF-LOVE in action

My dear friends as most of you know my journey has taken me to many areas of life the last many years – finally realizing that through the act of taking care of one self – creating self-love – is where you need to go to act from a place of unconditional love for all. […]

Love – Self-love is the way to Me

Channeling Jesus. Dear Friends of The Star to Peace – movement – reaching a 100 likes during this short times – makes me so proud and humble and motivates us to reach even higher for the right reasons. Thank you for joining us – and visit also the site www. As you know we […]

A daily blessing

My daily blessing. Today as so many other days my blessings are not countable – however one specific episode is so clear that I want to share it with you all. The last period has been a little challenging to always sense whether this or that direction is right. However when I started to create […]