The Path to One

Streetchildren and farming in Banjar – a social business program

Streetchildren and farming in Banjar – a viable social business program to save children and nature, now open for donations. Please request prospect on “Executive conclusion of program for streetchildren and farming in Banjar. Through the Investment in 1,4 hectare land and creating a combination of Tree and Fish/chicken farming business projects in total 2.459.000.000 […]

Capture the NOW

Capturing the NOW. Now is in the moment, now is the moment, Now is. Our life consist of finite Now’s but our presence is infinite. Seen from a different perspective life actually is the Now. Not before or after – past or future but NOW. Capturing the NOW is a way to try to store […]

love walkers

The Love Walkers – Giving children a place to be, to know and to share – for existence, education and ecology – an example of circular economy programs. Pgm 1: Create business and open job for poor people. Identify the right business concept in the local area to provide people with job opportunities. Develop […]

Law of One

The Law of ONE I wrote this after some serious openings in Singapore – Aug. 2010 – Jan B Frederiksen Inspired and motivated by Worldshift 2012 book – (I dare to share now what I have been feeling for a long time). The many crises that are affecting our world so intensively, whether it is […]

Apply for New Leadership/radical transformation retreats in Bali – Jan/Feb 2016

New Leadership/Radical Transformation retreats in Bali – the Island of the Gods – 12 days for 12 english speaking participants on VIP/Executive/Manager level per group – expected from Jan 22-Feb 3 2016. Please send your personal application latest Sept. 30-2015 to Jan B Frederiksen at – and you will be messaged on email about skype call […]