The Path to One

If the world stops

“Even if the world stops – move on, as you are not part of this world.” Live love, light and peace

New you

Shared from my deepest love Hear the silence Taste the air Smell the rock Feel the sunrise Sense the stars ……….. Do your life in a new way – start from inside by being You Live love <3

Happy new year 2014 – a look back to 2013

Key blessings for 2014 – live in love and 5th dimension Wishing you all a happy new year I want to share some of my key thoughts from the entrance to 2013 (check you own life for reference) followed by Archangel Michaels foresight for us all beyond 2013/14 The year 2013 has with the igniting […]


ONE Planet – ONE Humanity – ONE LOVE > Ignite your SELF (-LOVE) – rejuvenate your heart, body, mind and soul on this transformational and healing retreat arranged by The Star to Peace – movement hosted by Jan B Frederiksen. Live in love ♥ – Ignite the passion of fire from within, let the […]

Law of One

The Law of ONE I wrote this after some serious openings in Singapore – Aug. 2010 – Jan B Frederiksen Inspired and motivated by Worldshift 2012 book – (I dare to share now what I have been feeling for a long time). The many crises that are affecting our world so intensively, whether it is […]

Resist to Change

Resistance (what you resist persist) Its not a problem we don’t want to change, As its our human condition in our evolution But it’s a problem we don’t want to admit it, As it keeps us hostage of our own Ego – and hinder our true growth.

Love – Self-love is the way to Me

Channeling Jesus. Dear Friends of The Star to Peace – movement – reaching a 100 likes during this short times – makes me so proud and humble and motivates us to reach even higher for the right reasons. Thank you for joining us – and visit also the site www. As you know we […]

Channeling from Jesus 16. Sep 2013

Channeling from Jesus. New world- Illuminate your life. No stone is left unturned, no voice is left unheard, no humans will be left behind – but you all have to get ready for the new way. Prepare for the ascension in your heart, mind and body, prepare for a different life – nothing is as […]

One Planet – One Humanity – One Love

Dear Brothers and Sisters of One planet – One Humanity – One love. We are right now arranging our Radical Transformation retreat in Bali – January 22, 2016 – for Executives aiming higher in life. If you are interested in sharing, participating, sponsoring, donating, volunteering, partnering etc. then please contact me – see more at […]