The Path to One

We are a non-profit organization formed to share unconditional LOVE, COMPASSION and PEACE – from the inside out. First peace inside – then peace outside. The organization was founded by Jan B Frederiksen – Denmark, based on guided messages to share The star to peace – helping people around the world to remember their true […]

Capture the NOW

Capturing the NOW. Now is in the moment, now is the moment, Now is. Our life consist of finite Now’s but our presence is infinite. Seen from a different perspective life actually is the Now. Not before or after – past or future but NOW. Capturing the NOW is a way to try to store […]


ONE Planet – ONE Humanity – ONE LOVE > Ignite your SELF (-LOVE) – rejuvenate your heart, body, mind and soul on this transformational and healing retreat arranged by The Star to Peace – movement hosted by Jan B Frederiksen. Live in love ♥ – Ignite the passion of fire from within, let the […]

Law of One

The Law of ONE I wrote this after some serious openings in Singapore – Aug. 2010 – Jan B Frederiksen Inspired and motivated by Worldshift 2012 book – (I dare to share now what I have been feeling for a long time). The many crises that are affecting our world so intensively, whether it is […]

Resist to Change

Resistance (what you resist persist) Its not a problem we don’t want to change, As its our human condition in our evolution But it’s a problem we don’t want to admit it, As it keeps us hostage of our own Ego – and hinder our true growth.

Channeling from Jesus 16. Sep 2013

Channeling from Jesus. New world- Illuminate your life. No stone is left unturned, no voice is left unheard, no humans will be left behind – but you all have to get ready for the new way. Prepare for the ascension in your heart, mind and body, prepare for a different life – nothing is as […]