The Path to One

Last minute

Last minute (to live or die) I pray for all The small and tall That they may know About the show (Last minute to show up) The game is on a show called life Where some will live And all will die (Last minute to live) The point I make That life is not Without […]

Get ready

The Event and our preparation Minimizing the confusion of the Event, its right here, right now – gradualy changing all, but you have to do your part inside first. Your believes and perceptions needs to be revisited, as your thoughts as well as mine has created our world. Take part in the greatest change for […]

Light over darkness happening

Truth in action – fraud about RV and GCR? And about The Event (updates), New Earth, Jubilee etc. Dear Brothers and Sisters, again deception has been the daily order, to let us go blind in the greed for money and prosperity through RV, GCR and Nesara, and use our new power and hightened vibration on […]

New ONE Way – big picture

This nights Revelation We as humans are here to evolve with the universe Evolve You to evolve Earth to Evolve the Universe So your life is to evolve Your body, mind and soul, to evolve humanity into 3.0 and beyond, to evolve with Earth into x.o, to evolve our Galaxy, to evolve our Universe, in […]

Drain the swamp

Unveil the Truth – extra Q (from my deepest heart – Continue to drain the swamp, please) Editor: What is real about religions has become amended beliefs, (acting as if they come from GOD, our ONE Prime Creator Being, whom’s energy we all carry in each one of us) – transformed, by a non-spiritual […]

The Event/New Earth?

The EVENT/New Earth? – prepare yourself, without fear We are the ones we are waiting for. See other posts about the Event, to prepare your perceptions, as this relates to everything you know and don’t know. Its biggest change catalyst for us all, our systems and our future Earth. here is a source link from […]

New Earth Awakening, starts in You

The Cave by Plato (Humans 2.0 in slavery) Awaken to our New Earth – From Human 2.0 enslavement to Human 3.0 Sovereign Entity Living the NOW (New ONE Way) #ONELove "The Sovereign Integral is the life force that powers the human consciousness. That is what each of us is when we are stripped naked of […]

New ONE Way invitation

New ONE Way (NOW) pioneers for our New Earth needed (to build something new that makes the old obsolete) My intention and dreams for humanity as guided by my inner being #ONELove Communities Peace to all humanity (non-profit) The star to peace * school/ center/asram/leadership/curriculum/ etc etc Different kind for different groups All sharing […]

Mission of connecting stars/operation star- impact

The rise in Truth to shine in Greatness program – mission of connecting stars – for Greatness in humanity Star people that works from inside out come together in star families and star communities, star organizations, star companies and Star nations and Oneness belief – that all work for the higher good and the right […]

Kindness unlocks the creative power

Consciousness – unlock your creative mind (universal power) through kindness The universal energy encompasses the entire universe, and every being residing in it. It shapes every life and directs every being in the universe towards its destiny. To access and harness this universal energy, we must activate our creative mind, and use our cerebral […]